Ensure traceability of components at all stages of manufacture

Stringent hygienic requirements of bioprocessing demand complete traceability

Building Trust into the Material Certification Process


ServBlock is a material traceability platform underpinned by blockchain technology. We are enabling true information sharing and collaboration across Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) supply chains.


Utilizing Blockchain technology ServBlock digitizes material traceability and automates the material verification process.


Eliminate outdated paper-based material traceability process, optimize workflows and decrease costs.


Cutting edge blockchain-based traceability framework allows components and piping to be tracked at every stage from manufacture to installation and beyond.

A modern approach to ensuring regulatory compliance


Piping specifications & Smart Contracts

Electronic piping and material specifications ensure selection, specification and material grade of pipe and piping components. By recording acceptance and approval between assembler and end user on the blockchain enables smart contracts to be automatically executed when predetermined terms and conditions are met.

Certificate Management

Distributed ledger technology allows for the creation of immutable records or non-fungible tokens to be created (NFT). Each NFT represents a traditional material certificate which is in accordance with recognized standards such as EN 10204 etc.

Digital Weld Logs

Assemblers and fabricators can create digital weld logs in accordance with all major guidelines and regulations. Digital signatures and easy traceability of certificates eliminate cumbersome document management and archiving process.

Material Verification

By utilizing digital rulesets records are automatically checked for compliance to the electronic specification. This digital first approach streamlines verification for materials of construction and eliminates knowledge silos. Records are kept in a fully validated and searchable and database. Digital verification of certificates eliminates human error while ensuring compliance to predetermined specifications.

Punch Listing

End to End punch list management tool utilizing distributed ledger technology to ensure complete audit trail from punch initiation all the way to close out. Punch lists can be fully integrated into the smart contract process.